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You CAN overcome dyslexia!

What is dyslexia? How do I recognize it in my child?

Simply put, dyslexia is a brain that functions a little differently. Functioning MRI  studies have shown that when a person with dyslexia reads, the activated areas of  his/her brain looks quite a bit different than a non-dyslexic person. This brain difference  doesn’t just affect reading, but lots of areas in a child’s life, and it looks different in every  person. Outside of reading difficulties, here are some other possible signs:

  • Dysnomia (inability to recall names of people/things)  
  • Inability to think of the word they’re trying to say (which often ends up  ‘whatchamacallit’ or ‘thingamajig’)  
  • Left/Right Confusion  
  • Difficulty learning to tie shoes  
  • Difficulty pronouncing words (saying ‘aminal instead of ‘animal’)
  • Substituting words when reading (saying ‘horse’ instead of ‘pony’)
  • Inability to rhyme  
  • b and d reversals  

Dyslexia occurs on a continuum, so not all will have trouble with everything on the list  and others may have all of these things plus some. It is also highly heritable, much like  the color of their eyes or how tall they will be.  

One thing they all have in common, though, is that they have average to high  intelligence. They are also gifted in other areas such as sports, music, art, etc., and  they are big picture thinkers. When their natural gifts and abilities are paired with  proper reading intervention, many go on to be leading inventors, famous actors, and  CEOs of companies.

How can you help my child?

First, let me explain how it helped my child.  My son Austin struggled in school beginning in kindergarten, but I couldn’t figure out  what was wrong or how to help him. I kept thinking that maybe he would grow out of it  or eventually just catch on, but he just seemed to get further and further behind.  

I was a first grade teacher with a master’s degree that made a living teaching other  people’s children to read, yet I couldn’t teach my own child. I was frustrated and spent  many nights in tears because I didn’t know how to help.  

Austin was diagnosed with dyslexia in the 3rd grade, but there was no help offered at  our school at the time. It seemed as if everyone around me was scared to even say the  word, so I went searching for an answer on my own.      

I have since gone through training in a dyslexia program and also went back to school  for 15 more college hours, earning a dyslexia endorsement on my Arkansas teaching  license.  

Two years ago, I began using that dyslexia program at Genoa Elementary and have  been amazed at the amount of growth that has taken place in a short amount of time  with my students. Kids are finally being taught in a way that conforms to how they learn,  and they are absolutely soaring for the first time in their lives!

How does the program work?

The program essentially “rewires” the dyslexic brain to function more like a  non-dyslexic brain when reading words.  

The lessons are fun to learn and use all of the senses, allowing children to be up and  moving for much of the lesson. Since every lesson is taught to mastery, the length of the  program varies and could range from one year to three years, depending on the degree  of dyslexia experienced by your child.  

This is not a quick fix, but studies have shown that the “rewiring” is permanent, which is  exactly what we are looking for!

Wait - what about Austin?

Well, at the end of his 4th grade year he received a top reading award for AR points, and at the end of his 5th grade year he received an award for reading over one million words in one year!

He says reading is one of his favorite things to do, and he’s happy to discuss the topic of dyslexia with anyone that will listen.

Imagine – enjoying something that once brought only tears and frustration!

Austin AR points
Austin 1 million words

I have seen this program work over and over again, and I’m excited to bring it to even more children.

Teaching dyslexic children is a true passion for me, and I can’t wait to begin helping your student!

We are located inside Central Mall and we’re taking students now!

Give us a call – (903) 748-3752!

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